Home textiles such as Curtains, table cloth and Bed wear.

At Viggo Holm Design Textil in Denmark we produce textiles piece goods to all over the world – often it is a result of close cooperation between us and our customer.

We make everything from piece - goods to ready made home textiles.

​Home textiles in general has been our speciality for more than 50 years. Originally we worked only with producing piece goods – this has been expaneded to now also including ready made items for the home.

We produce as example:

  • ​​Table linen
  • ​Cushions
  • ​Blankets
  • ​Curtains
  • Bed wear
  • Bed covers
  • All other home textiles

We always work very close with each customer – with design and development.

This way all products we make are custom made – so it is exclusive design for our customer.

Our customers are mainly bulk buyers who primarily are based in Europe, USA, Japan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. We always gice our customers design protection within their market.

You can always get more information about our textiles solutions – and ready made home textiles. We would be happy to make you a quotation.

​You can get more information about our textiles solution such as piece goods and ready made home textiles.

You can either call us or send us an email on info@viggoholm.com

About us

​Viggo Holm Design Textil

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